Virtus MTP Rider 3 L Hydration Camelbak Grade 1

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British Army Issue Latest Virtus MTP Rider 3 L Hydration Camelbak

Stock pictures: have been used, so some will be more used than pictures shown

Part of the current Virtus issue kit
Hydration pack 
3 litre capacity or 100 fluid oz
Drinking tube can be on either the left or right as there are slots in the top of the pouch to allow this

Zipped for easy of filling and or removing the bladder
Shoulder straps can then can be stowed away
Molle on rear of bag to add extra pouches

Grade 1 Condition: have been used, and may have names or zap numbers on them, covers maybe grubby/dirty. I would recommend sterilising them before using and/or replacing the bite valve