The Blood-Soaked Soil : the Battles of the Waffen-SS by Gordon Williamson (Hardback)

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The Waffen-SS is without doubt one of the most notorious military organizations in history. Waffen-SS Soldiers were highly trained, very aggressive on the battlefield, and contemptuous of death. They embraced the concept of hardness with relish, which meant they showed no pity towards Germany's enemies. They were soldiers of destruction par excellence. SS: The Blood-Soaked Soil is a detailed summary of the Waffen-SS's greatest battles between 1939 and 1945. Read about how the Das Reich Division conquered Yugoslavia almost single-handedly, how the dreaded Totenkopf division held for 73 days against impossible odds in the Demyansk Pocket, how the foreign volunteer units of the Waffen-SS halted the mighty Red Army at Narva for six months, and much more. With the aid of photographs that have been recently unearthed in eastern Europe and have never been previously published, SS: The Blood Soaked Soil tells the full, dramatic story of the Waffen-SS in action: the stunning victories, the savagery of the Eastern front, the atrocities both on and off the battlefield, and the grim battles of attrition fought in the last two years of the war to save the crumbling Reich.