Emerson Gear AVS Adapted Vest System Heavy Duty Version – Black

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The Emerson Gear AVS vest is a great choice for regular players due to its lightweight design, adaptive plate carrier design and great quality build.

Let’s start from the top down, the shoulder straps are fully adjustable with quick-release buckles under the soft polyester covers which also have hydration bladders ties to stop the water pipe from flying around everywhere and keep it secure for when you need it.

The main body has molle loops all on the front and back to attach any molle pouches or equipment easily. It has six rows and three columns of molle loops on the lower half and a 4×3 molle panel on the top for admin panels and pouches as well as having loop velcro if you want to attach large or small insignia patches to either side.

The back panel has YKK zippers either side to attach various panels to the rear like assault panels or helmet carriers for easy access.

The cummerbund is quite slim but very sturdy and also has molle running along with it for smaller admin or utility pouches to maximise the space as much as possible.

The front panel you get with is can be removed and replaced for others as it’s attached with velcro meaning you can swap between different load-outs very easily. The panel included has molle on the front as stated before, but also has three integrated AR magazine pouches to slim the vest down and allow for other pouches to be added in front of them.


  • Heavy Duty AVS Vest Plate carrier
  • Compatible with the rear Zip Panels
  • Includes harness
  • The AVS one of the most famous and well-used plate carriers on the market today
  • Heavy Duty Cordura Material
  • Molle on front and rear
  • Plates not included
  • Adaptive plate carrier