Emerson Gear FCS Style Vest W/MK Chest Rig Coyote Tan

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The Emerson Gear FCS style vest is a fantastic and lightweight design that allows you to carry the essential combat gear out on the field.

This vest has so many features, so we’ll start with the most dynamic part. The front of the vest has the quick detach section held on with buckles and velcro on the front panel which is most like the Emerson Gear Micro Fight chest rigs, they can be removed and changed easily and also easily adapted to buckle harnesses to convert that section to a smaller chest rig.

Within that panel is plenty of storage space. It has the front drop dangler pouch with a dual-zip main compartment and a single zip smaller compartment, 1x double 7.62mm magazine pouch in one part and the other section has 2x triple 5.56mm magazine slips allowing for storage of 6x 5.56mm magazines and 2x 7.62mm magazines straight off the bat.

These are just velcro inserts so they can be changed for different calibres depending on your loadout. The front piece has a velcro removable flap and a full panel of velcro for additional pouches or morale pathces. Alternatively, you can convert that velcro space to molle with the Tasmanian Tiger Velcro Molle Adapter to maximise the space available.

So with the panel aside, what about the vest itself? Well, it features a panel of molle on the upper half on both the front and back ideal for small admin pouches but is also ideal for morale patches as it has a velcro cover on the molle.

The cummerbund is nice and simple, it’s a dual-layered elastic strap on either side with pocket compartments sewn in to put extra magazines, radios etc if needed. The inside of the body has breathable mesh to help with regulating body temperature and comes with dummy foam plates already installed.


  • Customisable, quick-detach front panel
  • Adjustable elastic cummerbund
  • Plenty of velcro space
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Dummy plates included
  • Compatible with the micro fight
  • FCS style vest